“At ACO, we help Churches use digital marketing to reach their full potential and grow their congregation while expanding their reach to those who are searching for Christ. Our services are specifically geared towards the needs of Churches and Ministries.“

Our Services

Web design

We sit down in an initial consultation to find out how you would like the website to look, what types of colors you would like and what type of theme you feel matches your church or ministry. The theme is the fundamental starting point. Everything else is build on that foundation.

Web Development

We take the information you have provided us in the design phase and use it to build you a beautiful website that will not only give your congregation something that truly reflects the character of your church, but will also Glorify God in every way. Then we maintain the site for you. We update it constantly with new information, blogs and weekly events.

Search Engine Optimization

When someone decides to look for a church in your area, normally the first place they will go is to one of the major search engines. We use links, keywords and a thorough knowledge of SEO to make sure that your site is built and maintained to ensure that your church or ministry is one of the top results in a Google, Bing or Yahoo! search.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a relatively new way of marketing, but it's growing quickly and very important. We manage your social media marketing campaign to ensure audience engagement, growth of the number of followers in social media and keeping your church or ministry up to date in the latest searches and topics that are honoring to God and will help your church to grow. Although facebook is a major area we target, we don't solely focus on facebook. We utilize all aspects of social media to help you grow. Request a consultation and we'll tell you how....

Web Store Management

Many churches use the power of the internet to allow the members of their congregation to purchase items such as sermon recordings, books, dvds, cds, etc. Even if you don't want to have these items for sale, we can still post the messages on your site to download for free.

Email Marketing

Keep your congregation up to date with everything happening at your church each week with email marketing. It's a great way to communicate a message or a reminder to the members of your church. Even if it's just a letter of encouragement, it's a great way to communicate with your congregation. We build and maintain the database for you, so your time can be spent being led by God to deliver the best message possible each week.

About Us


Rick Sanchez


Rick Sanchez has many years experience in marketing and business development to go along with his web development and digital marketing skills. He has built and managed 3 successful companies from the ground up. He is a born-again believer and wants to use his skills to help churches grow and be vibrant within their communities by reaching people through digital marketing.

“I realized the megachurches have the budget to hire a full time web developer. The mid-size churches don't usually have the budget to bring someone on full time. I thought, what a great way to serve the Lord. Give churches and ministries the capabilities of having a web developer "on-staff" and helping them grow, while not burdening them with a large monthly obligation.“

Set Up A Consultation Today!

We make it as easy as possible for the ministries we serve to work with us. We have a flat weekly fee, which includes everything. We ask for a 6 month commitment to make sure that we have enough time to implement all of our proven strategies. No start up fees (to build the site), No Hidden costs, No hidden fees. We start working on the site and your marketing campaigns and bill once per month with guaranteed results. Contact Us Now to Get Started.




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